Natural BirthWorks, Broward's newest birthing center

As women are becoming reminded of the benefits of natural birth and midwifery care the rebirth of birth centers and homebirths are on the rise.
Midwifery is one of the oldest professions and yet one of the most undervalued in the U.S. Why? When the data across the board for better birth outcomes is dramatically higher with the provider being a Midwife why are they shunned?
History always sheds light, and let it been seen that Midwives are here to stay and continue to empower women and families.
This brought on the birth of Natural BirthWorks, your birth center. This center is owned and run by 2 wonderful Midwives, Sandra Lobaina and Gelena Hinkley.

These women have dedicated their time to ensure women have safe birth options, education, support, and empowerement during their journey to motherhood.
If you haven't gone to this beautiful new birthing center I strongly encourage you to check it out. There are 2 beautiful birthing suites, and a main area where these women host groups such as:

Breastfeeding Support groups
Mindful Mamas Meet ups
Babywearing Workshop
Cloth Diapering class
Birth Assistant Training
Belly Binding class
and much more....

You can view the website, and contact them at 954.960.3213


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