Friday, June 16, 2017

The Birth Of A Baby Brother

The phone rang at 1am.. The voice on the other end said, "I think my water broke"? So after a few over the phone test and definite leaking it was confirmed. No contractions just yet, so mom was advised to get some sleep and we would check in in a few hours if nothing had changed. Mom later told me she was having light contractions throughout the night. We checked in around 6am and at that point mom was getting stronger contractions and things seemed to be moving along. Told her to have a big breakfast and we would meet at the center. As soon as she walked in, I immediately knew labor was definitely getting intense. Dad was with her and seemed to be shocked, nervous and happy all at the same time. Once it was confirmed she was about 6-7 cm we got the room ready and she settled in to relax and focus on her breathing. A short while after resting on the bed she decided she definitely wanted to get into the tub. At this point contractions where coming very close together and we all knew we where getting close. Her mom was quietly sitting and watching her daughter with such a look of love on her face. Grandma stepped out of the room to talk to the big brother who was coincidentally enough being released early from school. I knew mom had mentioned that she wanted him to be there and he really wanted to be there too. Mom was feeling pressure and was asking if she would know when to push. As I reminded her that her body would tell her, she let out the first sounds of deep pressure. Grandma nervously came in and out of the room waiting for big brother to arrive. Mom was starting to find her way into pushing at this point and was moving into a few positions to see which one felt best. Dad looked on in pure amazement as his beautiful woman, the mother of his child found the strength and force to push through each contraction. Mom was focused and in tuned wither her body as we stood hands off at her request. She pushed hard and babies head started to emerge. Just then, the chime of the front door rang and big brother rushed in just as she pushed the head out. One more push and mom reached down and pulled her baby up to her chest. She looked up and told her older son he made it just in time as he stood crying with tears of joy. Such a beautiful moment for the whole family, especially for that big brother to witness the birth of his baby brother. Mom was overcome with joy and emotion and said, "I did it"... Yes you did momma, and you totally rocked it!