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Holiday Gift Ideas for The New Mom

As we quickly approach the 2018 Holiday season many people are knee deep in planning trips, dinners and family get together etc.. Most moms who are due around the holidays are mostly planning for a new baby and have no focus on anything else. Planning for a new baby can be expensive and exhausting especially around the holidays. Family and friends are always asking how they can help, what does mom need? What does baby need etc? Typically moms feel bad asking for things and does the baby really need 30 onsies? A new baby usually only requires a handful of clothes anyways. They are either doing skin to skin with mom and only using 1 -2 onsies at home because they are sleeping or barely leaving the house. But what about things for mom? So often we see moms focused on what baby needs and making sure they have all of the latest gadgets and whistles that have come out for babies that they rarely focus on themselves. We strongly believe that  support for a new mom is essential to postpartum …

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