Sunday, July 2, 2017

Big Latch On 2017 at Natural BirthWorks!

Big Latch On 2017

We are so excited to be hosting, for the 5th year, the Big Latch On! This year is special as we will be hosting 2 locations, one in Broward and one in Miami. This event is for the homebase, Natural BirthWorks.

Global Big Latch On events aim to protect, promote & support breastfeeding families by:
Provide support for communities to identify and grow opportunities to provide on-going breastfeeding support and promotion in local communities.
Raise awareness of breastfeeding support and knowledge available locally and globally.
Help communities positively support breastfeeding in public places.
Make breastfeeding as normal part of day-to-day life at a local community level.
Increase support for women who breastfeed – women are supported by their partners, family and their communities.
Ensure communities have the resources to advocate for coordinated appropriate and accessible breastfeeding support services.
Global Big Latch On events are highly successful, targeted community development initiatives that raise awareness of breastfeeding, encourage the formation of support networks between breastfeeding persons, and aim to normalize breastfeeding as a part of daily life.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Birth Of A Baby Brother

The phone rang at 1am.. The voice on the other end said, "I think my water broke"? So after a few over the phone test and definite leaking it was confirmed. No contractions just yet, so mom was advised to get some sleep and we would check in in a few hours if nothing had changed. Mom later told me she was having light contractions throughout the night. We checked in around 6am and at that point mom was getting stronger contractions and things seemed to be moving along. Told her to have a big breakfast and we would meet at the center. As soon as she walked in, I immediately knew labor was definitely getting intense. Dad was with her and seemed to be shocked, nervous and happy all at the same time. Once it was confirmed she was about 6-7 cm we got the room ready and she settled in to relax and focus on her breathing. A short while after resting on the bed she decided she definitely wanted to get into the tub. At this point contractions where coming very close together and we all knew we where getting close. Her mom was quietly sitting and watching her daughter with such a look of love on her face. Grandma stepped out of the room to talk to the big brother who was coincidentally enough being released early from school. I knew mom had mentioned that she wanted him to be there and he really wanted to be there too. Mom was feeling pressure and was asking if she would know when to push. As I reminded her that her body would tell her, she let out the first sounds of deep pressure. Grandma nervously came in and out of the room waiting for big brother to arrive. Mom was starting to find her way into pushing at this point and was moving into a few positions to see which one felt best. Dad looked on in pure amazement as his beautiful woman, the mother of his child found the strength and force to push through each contraction. Mom was focused and in tuned wither her body as we stood hands off at her request. She pushed hard and babies head started to emerge. Just then, the chime of the front door rang and big brother rushed in just as she pushed the head out. One more push and mom reached down and pulled her baby up to her chest. She looked up and told her older son he made it just in time as he stood crying with tears of joy. Such a beautiful moment for the whole family, especially for that big brother to witness the birth of his baby brother. Mom was overcome with joy and emotion and said, "I did it"... Yes you did momma, and you totally rocked it!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Birth of Baby Lincoln

The first text came in around 6pm that contractions had started coming every 5 minutes apart and lasting about 30 seconds. All day mom was resting and spending time with dad that was supposed to be at work but decided to stay home. Coincidentally enough it was the perfect day to call out of work since it was to be "birth day".. An hour after the first message, contractions where getting stronger and mom had been in her tub trying to relax but it seemed like things where intensifying. We wanted her to eat well so that when it became even stronger she would have her energy and strength for the stronger part of labor. During this time, we where hosting a VBAC workshop to educate mothers on the benefits of having a VBAC and the options they had. It was a great workshop with lots of information, support and empowering words. A few of our wonderful colleagues came out to speak and the room was filled with such positive energy. Just as the workshop wrapped up, it was almost as if it was perfect timing when mom was asking to come in and get checked because her contractions where much stronger longer and definitely more intense. So, once the announcement had been made that a mother was coming in, the group of almost 35 women began to clear out. Mom & Dad arrived within minutes of everyone leaving (literally perfect timing) I could tell she was in labor but was so focused and controlled that it was very hard to gauge what stage. She was smiling an laughing in between and to my surprise and delight was definitely in active labor. She was so relieved to be checked into the birth center because she thought I was going to send her home. By now its about 10pm.. She settled into the water room, hubby put her music on, we dimmed the lights and let her labor on. The in laws arrived as things became more intense. I could here her sounds change to deeper and longer. I could here her breathing become stronger and she definitely wanted to be in the tub. Grandpa set up his professional camera equipment and started capturing every contraction and every move. Little by little, the waves got closer and a little bit more intense then the last. Dad decided to get in the tub with mom to help her get through the contractions. He rubbed her back, kissed her softly and held her hand. A beautiful connection to bring life into the world. We could hear her sounds get louder and could feel the energy intensifying. She wanted to push but wasn't sure if she should. I told her to go with her body and let the pressure build. Once your ready you'll know because your body will tell you. She changed positions and couldn't find the one that felt right. Each contraction was stronger, each sound deeper and full. Dad quiete but in the moment, as if in awe of his wife. Closer and closer, stronger and stronger.. Your almost there.. Your doing amazing.. He'll be in your arms soon.. A few of the encouraging words spoken to mom. Checking to see how much progress she made her water broke and that's when pushing began. Each push filled the room with such a force. She was doing it and he was coming but just a little slower then she thought, and that was OK. A few tough ones and "look your baby has hair"! Slowly his head began to show. She pushed with all her might and yelled out with such power. He was crowning. Again she pushed and out came his head. Before I could tell her one more push she curled down and out came his hand (which he decided to have near his face) shoulder and then body. His dad watching in amazement from in front as mommy put her hands down and reached for her baby to pull him up on to her chest. A little rubbing and out came a strong loud cry! Baby Lincoln had arrived! The emotions, the joy, the amazement filled the room. Mom & Dad where overjoyed and elated with this beautiful moment. Soon mom and baby where resting and nursing while Dad was making his calls to announce the birth of his baby boy. 5/24/17 2:39 am 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

High C/Section rates possibly linked to provider you choose

We were so excited to have been contacted by NBC 6 and Telemundo to be interviewed regarding a topic that is so passionate to us.
A new Consumer Report came out about the high c/section rates in the nation and saw that here in South Florida was the highest with Hialeah Hospital coming in at 64%!
They interviewed Midwife Sandra Lobaina, one of our VBAC clients, and the hospital about why this is. They also touched on how out of hospital care with a Midwife is what women are going back to for a beautiful vaginal birth. Here's a link to the interview:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cloth Diapering class

Interested in cloth diapering? Don't know where to start? Join us for a FREE workshop on all aspects of cloth diapering. Are you already cloth diapering and are looking for like minded mamas - Join us too -- share your experiences and bring your favorite diapers to share! 
We will detail the benefits of cloth diapering, the difference between the different types of diapers available, what you need to get started, how to wash and care for your diapers, and details on cloth diaper services. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please be sure to sign up (even though it is free) so we can get an accurate head count and plan accordingly. Sign up by emailing us at

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

VBACs: Educate, Empower, Succeed!

If you live in South Florida, then you'll want to come to this free educational workshop. Midwives Gelena Hinkley, Sandra Lobaina, and Dr. Delisa Skeete will be talking VBAC.
The workshop is designed to educate moms, bust myths on VBACs, and help provide tips to ensure you succeed at your VBAC.

Here's the link with the details of the event:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Relay Race Fundraiser for South Florida Midwives

This is going to be a fun day for a good cause!! Join us for our Relay Race as we raise money for a lobbyist to help support South Florida Midwives.
Get ready! Diaper pass, hula hoop run, plank off, and egg on a spoon are some of the relay runs!! Make sure your partner can keep up because the winner will get a prize!!Even if your not apart of the race come watch the Midwives and families run around like crazy!Goodie bag for those who participate, food & drinks will be available for sale. We have some AMAZING prizes for our Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners!!!ALL proceeds go straight to the MAF (Midwives Association of Florida) organization to help pay for the lobbyist to protect our law.Participants in the race: $30 for couple and $45 for Sponsor Business teams (up to 4, business get flyers in bags and shout out on social media)Email us to register

Prizes:~Pro surfer Garrett McNamara, Guinness World Recorder Holder, will donate a signed copy of his memoirs Hound of the Sea and a one on one 1- hour surf or SUP lesson Garrett McNamara @mcnamara_s

~1 custom essential oil blend from Essence Unearthed @mammaunearthed and 1 fresh produce CSA box from Nicoya Farms

~ Dr. Justin Brown $200 gift certificate