Friday, September 30, 2016

Opening of the birth center!

For Immediate Release:

Natural Birthworks Opens First Free-Standing Birth Center In Margate/Coral Springs Area

Natural Birthworks, September 21, 2016 In keeping with the commitment to provide more birthing options and holistic alternative services for the community Natural BirthWorks, Margate's first Free standing Birth Center, has officially opened The Birthing Cottage.

The Birthing Cottage is brand new and features some amazing details that will enhance your birthing experience. The center has a very comfortable and cozy community room where they hold their childbirth classes, workshops, meet-ups, and support groups. There are two prenatal rooms that welcome your family in for the prenatal appointment. The highlight is obviously the birth rooms and no detail was left out. The newly designed birthing suites come equipped with a lovely soaking tub (designed by 50 midwives) hue lighting to allow  you to set the lighting mood of choice, a birth stool, birth ball, and a birthing rope which just happens to have massage stones for your feet. The tub has a secluded round wall so you feel your birthing in your own private cove yet allows the Midwives plenty of space to assist. Each birth room also has its own bathroom with dim lighting and a supplies closet for the Midwives to hold their birth supplies and equipment.

During labor mothers have access to aromatherapy and 24 hour on call Doula support . A mini kitchen that includes a refrigerator to store snacks and food for labor and the postpartum time and a coffee maker.

Mothers have full personalized prenatal care and education every step of the way. Working with a Licensed Midwife is a specialized and intimate part of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Midwifery care allows you to see and enjoy the magic that birth is when left to progress naturally and with limited intervention. Low-risk women statistically have a better outcome when receiving care from a Licensed Midwife.

Go to their website or call to set up a meet and greet today!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Natural Birth Community

Natural BirthWorks is an amazing community for new families, families to be, and those interested in learning all birthing options.
The Midwives at this facility eagerly wanted women to have a place where they could learn ancient techniques for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. They also wanted a place where families could join together and support each other with breastfeeding, babywearing, motherhood, and more.
Here are some of the wonderful services and meet ups offered at Natural BirthWorks:

Birth Center Births- In their brand new, state of the art, facility with an amazing tub for waterbirths
Childbirth Classes- They offer a complete series and a free sample series
Lactation Services- One of the partners is also a IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
Home Births- Their sister company, Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways, offers homebirths
Doulas- They offer different range of doulas to choose from
Breastfeeding Support Group- Once a month they offer a mother-led support group for breastfeeders
Mindful Mamas Meet up- Also held monthly, this is for SAHMs, Homeschoolers, and new moms
Cloth Diaper Workshops, Babywearing 101, and more

They also host different events geared toward empowering and education families in the community. Give them a call 954 960 3213, check out their website , or drop in 513 Melaleuca Drive Margate FL 33063.