Friday, July 15, 2016

Normalizing homebirths

Why home? Why not?
Homebirths with Licensed Midwives have statistically been shown to have better birth outcomes. Typically you will find the transfer rate low, and in turn lower c/section rates.
I'm sure you can google millions of articles but here's some great videos of what it actually looks like when birth is left to occur on its own. Surrounded by love and support, your birth can be beautiful.

more videos can be viewed here

Monday, July 4, 2016

Insurance giving you a hard time with your homebirth?

Did you know Florida law states: “(1) Any group, blanket, or franchise policy of health insurance that provides coverage for maternity care must also cover the services of certified nurse-midwives and midwives licensed pursuant to chapter 467, and the services of birth centers licensed under ss. 383.30-383.335.”

Here is the link to the Florida law that should help you when speaking to your insurance about a GAP exemption for complete coverage of our services. It may be necessary for you to refer to this law, print it out, or fax to your insurance provider if denied for authorization. 

Here are some great statistics on the safety and benefits of a homebirth from on of the larger Midwifery organizations Midwives Alliance of North America, MANA.

Know your options, explore your options, and have the birth you deserve and want!