Wednesday, August 15, 2018

VBAC Training was a SUCCESS!!

Natural BirthWorks and Peaceful Pregnancy hosted a VBAC Facts & Home to Hospital Transfer training on August 11, 2018, and what a success it was!

We had local Midwives, Doulas, Nurses, Families and even an OB/GYN come out to receive the updated guidelines, and statistics on VBAC, sit on our provider panel to answer questions and help find ways to make a home to hospital transfer easier for providers and families.

Dr. Gena Bofshever Chiropractic was our lead sponsor and we want to thank her for always supporting us in all we do to improve maternal outcomes for the local families.

Some of our other wonderful sponsors were:
Wholistic Nurse Coaching
Natural BirthWorks
Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways
Midwife 360
Dr. Berto Lopez
and our amazing photographer Paulina Splechta

We also wanted to thank our panelist and the host of the Home to Hospital portion along with our special VBAC guest speaker;
Jen Kamel
Corina Fitch
Dr. Berto Lopez
Sharon Boomer
Paula Romo & Michael Karavolos
Mona Francois
Jamarah Amani
Sandra Lobaina

This event not only provided the Nurses, Midwives and even Doula's with some continuing education units but also made sure we were all up to speed on correct stats, the current ACOG guidelines, and how to achieve the best for clients.
Here are some pictures of this great day!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Support Midwifery Care


We are reaching out to ask for your support as a consumer of midwifery services. The state of Florida has a rich history of midwifery practice, but it has not been without challenges. In fact, our midwifery practice act, Florida Statute 467, was closed in 1984 due to political pressures from the state medical community. Through the hard work and efforts of many midwives, consumers, and lobbyists, we got our law back again in 1992. Because the profession of midwifery has always been under threat, it is absolutely critical that we have an active lobbyist who can advocate on our behalf and ensure that no detrimental legislation is passed in regards to the midwifery profession or its consumers.

In 2016 our act again became the target of proposed legislative changes. There was a potential threat to the Midwifery Practice Act that could have required all women who wish to receive midwifery care to be seen by an OB first to be “approved” for care by a midwife. In addition, they would need to return each trimester to be risk screened and re-approved
for midwifery care. Thankfully, through the efforts of dedicated midwives and conscientious lobbyists, our Practice Act remained intact and “unopened”. But imagine the impact if it had passed!

We need your financial support NOW to be able to pay our lobbyist fees and make sure that your access to care is protected. Please take the time now to click on the following link and make your donation to the Florida Foundation for Midwives, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to raise monies for our lobbyists. It will only take you a few seconds to make your donation and if you donate $50 or more you will receive a free tote bag as a token of our appreciation. Please put my name in the comments when you donate so we can keep track of which midwife’s client is donating.

Many Thanks!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Become a Birth Assistant

The birth assistant workshop is aimed at women who want to work as midwifery assistants in homebirth or out-of-hospital settings. Birth Assistants can work in homebirth or free-standing birth centers throughout the U.S. under the supervision of a certified or licensed midwife.

Areas covered are:
*Performing and recording maternal and newborn vital signs
*Blood pressure, Fetal Heart tones, temperature,
*Learning how to use medical equipment
*Understanding Labor & Delivery
*Drawing up injectable medications for administration;
*Administering herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies per midwife’s order;
* Labor support, providing comfort needs;
*Assisting the midwife with suturing, handling of sterile equipment;
* Understanding and Assigning APGARS;
*Care and coordination of placenta
*Basics to herbs and methods to a smooth birth
*Universal precautions

Practice with equipment and technique will be done and a final exam given at the end of the last day.

Attending 5 births post-workshop, 25 clinical hours and NRP & CPR is required to receive final certification.

Natural BirthWorks, Broward's newest birthing center

As women are becoming reminded of the benefits of natural birth and midwifery care the rebirth of birth centers and homebirths are on the rise.
Midwifery is one of the oldest professions and yet one of the most undervalued in the U.S. Why? When the data across the board for better birth outcomes is dramatically higher with the provider being a Midwife why are they shunned?
History always sheds light, and let it been seen that Midwives are here to stay and continue to empower women and families.
This brought on the birth of Natural BirthWorks, your birth center. This center is owned and run by 2 wonderful Midwives, Sandra Lobaina and Gelena Hinkley.

These women have dedicated their time to ensure women have safe birth options, education, support, and empowerement during their journey to motherhood.
If you haven't gone to this beautiful new birthing center I strongly encourage you to check it out. There are 2 beautiful birthing suites, and a main area where these women host groups such as:

Breastfeeding Support groups
Mindful Mamas Meet ups
Babywearing Workshop
Cloth Diapering class
Birth Assistant Training
Belly Binding class
and much more....

You can view the website, and contact them at 954.960.3213