Sunday, February 21, 2016

Natural BirthWorks: Bringing back the lost art of womanly care

 As Midwives, our training was always with the philosophy that woman were meant to have babies. There bodies are more than capable of nurturing, birthing, and feeding children. We also were taught how Mother Earth provides us with what we need to help and heal during this process.
Somewhere along the line much of our deep rooted knowledge that connected the earth and the beings on it got lost. The trust in ourselves, the trust in herbs, and the trust in the process became questionable. Midwives are few providers that still come from the past down knowledge that what we have is what we need. We restore the woman's faith her in her body that she is more than capable and she deserves this right of passage to motherhood. Honoring and celebrating such a magnificent transition is nothing to be ashamed but instead something to look forward to.
Natural BirthWorks is a birthing cottage that brings back the lost art of womanly care. We start by honoring the pregnancy by education women during the prenatal period. Spending time with them on whats normal, how to tend to the growing fetus, and what to be aware of. When labor arrives, we honor and hold the space for the mom so she can move, moan, sway, and move into transition with her new arriving baby. The postpartum period is usually one of rush rush, and mother must get back to doing her daily stuff, not in our philosophy. We encourage the mom to enjoy her babymoon, sit back during her healing time, enjoy the cleanse of healing herbs, nourishing meals, and her baby feeding on her breast.
Natural BirthWorks makes sure each mother is aware of all of these amazing options that are designed for her. We discuss the benefits of:

Doulas, and how their support in labor is essential for the focused mom
Lactation services, its great to know this natural process is supported by woman who know how to help
Placenta encapsulation, understand and receive the benefits of taking your placenta
Birthing tub rentals, we are there for you when you want to experience a waterbirth
Meet ups, we offer meet ups for the new mom, stay at home mom, natural minded mom and the breastfeeding mom
Babywearing/cloth diapering, learn how these benefit you, baby, and the environment
Sacred blessings/belly binding, herbs and traditions carried down from our ancestors on how to heal after birth

and so much more. Check out to learn more