Natural BirthWorks Maternity Package Enchancement!

We are SO excited to be enchancing our Maternity Package to include a student doula for ALL Natural BirthWorks clients!!!

When a woman has a doula it increases the birth plan outcome greatly! We have teamed up with student doulas who need to attend births to complete their certification and/or to get their 10 post certification births to become a junior doula.
What does this mean? This means that when you go into labor, we contact one of our student doulas, based on availability, and they will come to support you and your birth plan. Since they are students we work off of who is available (and IF they are available). There is no prior meeting, up to 24hrs for birth (meaning if your birth extends past 24hrs they are able to go home to situate their families and return if possible), and they do not provide prenatal or postpartum visit.


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